More Than Protein Ingredients Ltd.

More Than Protein Ingredients Ltd.

An Evolution in Food Ingredients
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A Local Plant-Based Supply Chain

Full Farm to Ingredient Traceability

Seed & Field Trials started in May 2021

Delivering Innovation

Working to deliver the Next Generation of Multi-Feedstock Plant-Based Protein Ingredients

Focused on producing highly functional Plant-Based Protein Ingredients.

Our Plant-Based Ingredients

Protein Isolate

80% + Purity

Protein Concentrate

50% + Purity


Both Soluble & Unsoluble


Pure Starch


ESG Focused

Reducing Our carbon Footprint

Reducing the C0² Equivalent Footprint by 90% compared to Beef

Saving Water

Recapturing 95+% of Waste Water


Recovering Waste

Recovering the Organic Solid Waste out of the Waste Stream & Producing Innovative New Products


Leading Edge R&D

Building a Commercial Scale R&D line focusing on Continuous Improvement

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Delivering the next generation of pure clean label plant-based protein ingredients providing our customers with the foundation to produce sustainable plant-based foods.

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